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How to Give the Perfect Blowjob Tips

Hey, Karen here,

I would like to share here my ‘dirty’ little story with my boyfriend Mike. I will talk about couple of amazing techniques to give a perfect blowjob. Not only perfect, but also clean and sensual. Hope you enjoy it and give you a little more ideas. Most of these techniques I found on one website called Jack’s Blow Job Lessons.

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It was a late evening, nice weather outside. I was driving with my boyfriend to my parents for some special occasion. In the middle of the ride I told him ‘I want to give you a blowjob’. He was quite surprised but I went down… I started the oral sex with a ‘tongue bath’ first to get the boner. Teasing worked 😉

I kissed his cock’s head, started to work up and down with my lips. I was switching between mouthing and licking for a better stimulation. He started to moan. Oh.. I became wet too! I started to talk dirty to him. I also worked the area behind his balls with my lips (Mike loved it).

Then I started massaging his testicles gently, while giving a nice handjob. I thought that was the best blowjob ever.. I looked at Mike’s eyes and he was absolutely stunned and totally in it.

I gave him few more mouths (without gagging) and began to play with his balls. That was really exciting, he started to come. ‘The fellatio climax was coming’ I thought. I’m a dirty girl, I wanted to swallow his sperm. He was still driving.

And it happened! I felt the explosion of his sperm in my mouth and it felt good! It was a fantastic experience, really amazing. Mike is still reminding me about this scene with pleasure and wants to repeat it! (He gave the favor back with a deep and sensual kiss> That moment was priceless)

If you want to learn more how to give the perfect blowjob you can check the site below. It exposed some really great tips and techniques, easy-to-follow guides how to give this ultimate fellatio, best oral sex ever to your partner.

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Great Fellatio Video Clip Demonstration with Instructions

Would you like to give your boyfriend/husband the perfect blowjob? You know that men love it.

Fellatio is a way to give your man pleasure by using your lips and tongue on his penis.

Here is a short but very helpful video clip demonstration on how to give a fellatio, what to avoid and couple of amazing techniques you can apply right away:


And here are some tips for a better fellatio:

  • Don’t use teeth when sucking, most men won’t like it as it can hurt them
  • Move your head up and down gently. Use your hands too
  • Put your hands over his chest, legs and testicles for extra sexual tension
  • Always be safe, make sure your partner doesn’t have STD’s, any viruses or sexually-transmitted diseases, use condoms for extra safety
  • Get into a comfortable position, where you can change your angles quickly and easily
  • Please your man with enthusiasm, simply enjoy it!
  • Use different techniques and moves. Diversify your strokes and blows. It will create extra excitement
  • Ask your man for feedback, faster slower, softer, etc. He knows it best
  • Start slowly, don’t rush at the beginning. Gently kiss the penis, stroke a bit and take it to your mouth
  • Men have a sensitive spot that is called fenulum. It’s placed below the head of the penis. If you can activate it in a good moment, it can give your man an extra sensation

If you follow above tips, you should be able to give your man a perfect blowjob that he was always dreaming of.